Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stephen Hawking proves immaculate conception!

"Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist,". This was part of the quote that Stephen Hawking wrote in his new book "The Grand Design" about the non-existence of a creator (or god).

I know this is primarily a Party Blog, but when read this I had to comment on it. A lot of Catholics around the world were obviously upset about this statement, and rightly so. But I chose to use his THEORY (remember, none of the writings of a theoretical physicist are fact) as a springboard to support a crucial part of the story of Christ.

The Bible states that Mary gave birth to Jesus through "immaculate conception". No male was needed to begin the "Spontaneous creation" of the birth of Jesus. This is very compelling to me.
It is almost a contradiction then to disbelieve that Christ could not have been created through this manner and adopt the theory that God had nothing to do with the creation of the Universe.

Nature mimics Itself throughout the universe. Scientists have compared Comets and Meteorites
to Pollen from a flower. Carrying there elemental cargo throughout the Cosmos spreading life . Prof. Hawking blames Gravity as the rouge force that started it all, but I pose this question then, who created Gravity. For every action there is a reaction and that is a fact. Without gravity maybe the Universe would not exist. But as Gravity is a force; a great push. Then who created the push that started it all.

I believe in God, not because of a fear of the unknown, or because I need an answer to my existence, but because there has never been a reason presented to me or otherwise not to.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All for one and one for all!

It seems now-a-days that parents especially are inclined to purchase a lot of unique food items for each member of there family. Some are a real concern (allergies for instance).
Precautions must be taken for someone who can't be exposed to certain foods. But what about the parent who has had it with their appearance and can't stand the thought of another "tube steak" Tuesday night dinner. Dieting with small children in a home can be a challenge.
This compels many to start to by "specific" foods that are just for them. Even If your trying to be conscious of how much your spending, this will eventually lead to an increase in the amount of money you are spending on your food bills. This is why there is so much evidence that suggests that Obesity and poverty are closely related to one another. Cheap food is normally bad for you.
It's the healthy stuff you pay a premium for.
That's why this can be a great opportunity to get you and your family eating better together.
The best way to coexist with a fussy family is to re-visit the tried and true calorie counting techniques. This way it doesn't matter which foods you are serving, instead you are just more aware of how many calories your taking in and when to stop eating.
Re-organizing your dinner plate and increase the volume of veggies you have and cut back on the meat, over time this will make a big impact. And getting your family to all share in the same meal will give your children an opportunity to see you eating well, and those habits will be passed down to them.
So it's not impossible to diet and keep your budget in check. Just a few little changes can make a big difference.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live it up, If only for a day!

I've been to a lot of catered events in my day, most are run by large companies who churn out one event after another. There isn't anything very memorable about them, and the help is thinking more about there next exam than how they can help you better.

I was recently invited to an event at a private tennis club and the difference was obvious from the moment I walked in. Shelter Rock Tennis Club is set in the beautiful background of the gold coast of Long Island in Manhasset. The grounds are well kept, a testament to the attention to detail that goes into every event they plan.

They are basically owned by there members, as such they are committed to treating their guest's as part of their family. The courtesy and attentiveness is unmatched. The food is a cut above the rest. The main catering hall has just been updated and accommodates 150 guest's.

This kind of experience has only been reserved for those who could afford to be a member of the club. But now, Shelter Rock Tennis Club is making this available to the general public. If you want a truly memorable event, make it a point to put Shelter Rock Tennis Club on your short list. It's only one day, but the memories will last forever.

Monday, February 8, 2010

"I feel so sick.......I can't sleep"

Well, It's the day after the Super Bowl. I went to my friends house; which I do each year. There were four couples and around five kids. When we got there I saw about six bowls full of "dips and chips." Outside was several 12 packs of beer and packets of juice boxes.

We start feasting as soon as we walk through the door. Before halftime they busted out the wings, then the four foot hero and salads (which I waited to take part in, until they started to store away the left overs, so I grabbed some). Then came dessert. There were two Birthday Cakes, a Pie, Cookies and three Loaf Cakes (about 1 cake per adult)!

After the gourging was over I stumbled to the front door and packed the kids into the family thruster and went home. When I say they don't make enough Antacid to stop the pain I was in I mean it. I could not fall asleep until 2:30 in the morning because my stomach was reeling.

There is a reason that every male in newer commercials is a fat slob, It's because ad agencies want the average person represented, they want YOU to see YOU using the products they're trying to sell. Well guess what, it seems that were all fat slobs! I wonder how that happened?

If we all try to bulk ourselves up during the Super Bowl by eating our way to the size of every Linemen in the NFL, there won't be caskets to fit anyone. If you want to get big, try going to a gym and having just one plate of food during this celebration. You'll sleep better.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Party planning speed is what you need!

Well, It's that time of year again. The most celebrated secular event in American history is upon us. Even If your not a fan of the sport, Football (especially the Super Bowl) brings everyone together. And just like any annual gathering, certain foods are associated with it.

And just like any good business, Food Manufacturers are well aware of what people are eating during this gastronomic celebration of our collective bulk! So to take the stress out of planning the perfect Superbowl Extravaganza, try visiting your local grocer and browse through the insane array of prepared frozen foods that are available for the celebration!

Buffalo Wings were born in Buffalo, but have become synonymous with football. And for my money, the frozen variety has come a long way! If you want to take it a step further and make a home-made hot sauce. Finger foods rule at this sort of event , and you can find everything from frozen meatballs, pizza, egg rolls and food from every other corner of the world in the freezer section.

So when you start to plan your Super Bowl event, take a look at some of the frozen delicacies that await you.