Monday, February 8, 2010

"I feel so sick.......I can't sleep"

Well, It's the day after the Super Bowl. I went to my friends house; which I do each year. There were four couples and around five kids. When we got there I saw about six bowls full of "dips and chips." Outside was several 12 packs of beer and packets of juice boxes.

We start feasting as soon as we walk through the door. Before halftime they busted out the wings, then the four foot hero and salads (which I waited to take part in, until they started to store away the left overs, so I grabbed some). Then came dessert. There were two Birthday Cakes, a Pie, Cookies and three Loaf Cakes (about 1 cake per adult)!

After the gourging was over I stumbled to the front door and packed the kids into the family thruster and went home. When I say they don't make enough Antacid to stop the pain I was in I mean it. I could not fall asleep until 2:30 in the morning because my stomach was reeling.

There is a reason that every male in newer commercials is a fat slob, It's because ad agencies want the average person represented, they want YOU to see YOU using the products they're trying to sell. Well guess what, it seems that were all fat slobs! I wonder how that happened?

If we all try to bulk ourselves up during the Super Bowl by eating our way to the size of every Linemen in the NFL, there won't be caskets to fit anyone. If you want to get big, try going to a gym and having just one plate of food during this celebration. You'll sleep better.