Friday, December 18, 2009

Know what your drinking!

Have you ever been to a Christmas or New Year's Eve party and taken a sip of that Champagne and thought "this stuff is nasty". That's probably because there are a lot of different varieties of Champagne. If you'll be ringing in the New Year this year it pays to know exactly what your buying. Here are the names that Champagne goes by and the type of flavor profile it will have.

Ultra Brut : No added sugar,
If your a first time drinker, don't even think about it.

Brut: Nearly dry, contains no more than 1.5% sugar.
This is the most commonly visible variety, Again, If your not a serious wine drinker don't buy it. This variety is the reason first time champagne drinkers "stay" first time champagne drinkers!

Extra Dry: Slightly sweeter, can contain up to 2% sugar.
If your into drinking wine and aren't hooked on the sweet stuff, you may enjoy this variety.

Dry: Can contain up to 4% sugar.
This is where the novice may want to dip there feet into. Shouldn't disappoint.

Demi-Sec: Just sweet enough, can contain up to 8% sugar.
I think this can convert some drinkers into Champagne Lovers! If your having a party
with a lot of different drinkers, this would be a great style to choose.

Doux: Sweet, can contain up to 10% sugar.
This one may be too sweet for some, but most people might enjoy it and may be surprised.

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