Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Live it up, If only for a day!

I've been to a lot of catered events in my day, most are run by large companies who churn out one event after another. There isn't anything very memorable about them, and the help is thinking more about there next exam than how they can help you better.

I was recently invited to an event at a private tennis club and the difference was obvious from the moment I walked in. Shelter Rock Tennis Club is set in the beautiful background of the gold coast of Long Island in Manhasset. The grounds are well kept, a testament to the attention to detail that goes into every event they plan.

They are basically owned by there members, as such they are committed to treating their guest's as part of their family. The courtesy and attentiveness is unmatched. The food is a cut above the rest. The main catering hall has just been updated and accommodates 150 guest's.

This kind of experience has only been reserved for those who could afford to be a member of the club. But now, Shelter Rock Tennis Club is making this available to the general public. If you want a truly memorable event, make it a point to put Shelter Rock Tennis Club on your short list. It's only one day, but the memories will last forever.

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