Friday, November 6, 2009

The anatomy of a party

So you've decided to throw a party.

Place the calls:
The first order of business is to call all your friends to let them know when the party is. At that time, some of your guest's might ask "what do you need me to bring?" Since your not really sure what you need yet, the most common reply is “I don't know, bring a cake, soda or whatever."

Here is where the problem's begin:
Now you get a final headcount and start planning your menu and go out shopping.
Since you don’t know what anyone else is bringing exactly, you have make sure to buy enough of what you need so you don’t run out.

Food overload:
It's the night of your event, you set everything up and your guest's start to arrive. Then comes all of the food they brought with them! You try to find a place for it and set it aside. By the end of the night someone exclaims "Wow! look at all the left-overs." It's something most people don't ever think about, but a lot of people just spent a lot of time and money shopping for your party, buying things you really didn't need.

Lets start from scratch:
The problem is in the delivery, there is normally only one instance when you communicate to your guest's, and that is when you call to invite them. But no one takes the time to create a menu until AFTER they invite everyone. Even If they did, who would take the time to tell there guest's what to buy, and try to keep track while trying to plan everything else. Why not take advantage of your guest's generosity by using the concept of a potluck party.

The everyday Shopping Registry: will change the way you plan your parties from now on. By sending your invitation to all your guest's and posting your shopping list so your guest's can see It when they reply to your invite, they will be able to see exactly what you need and bring it to your party. You'll also be able to get a final head count, and track who's bring what from your account page. When all your guest's are done replying, you can finish your shopping. When you see everything your guest's are picking up for you, you can get a really good idea of how much money you've saved by planning your party this way!

Once you find out how easy it is, you'll never plan another party without using!

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