Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potluck Parties: Why we look back to move forward

The term Potluck dates back to the 16th century, it roughly translates into "food that is given away." This form of hospitality was a common practice, when poor travelers would wander from place to place. Tavern owner would offer them a "potluck." This meal often consisted of whatever was leftover from the night before, and combined into a stew. Not very appetizing, but satisfying none the less.

This translated well and was adopted by many churches. It's a core belief to share what you have with others, helping one another bring a group closer together. It also make economic sense. No one person has to bear the burden of feeding everyone when the cost is spread out amongst a group.

In our recent past, overindulgence and excess were the norm, with no one really worrying about the consequences. Now we know better. We are facing a reality that includes everyone having to do more with less. Less money, less resources, less time, less everything. It makes sense to explore other alternatives to better our every day lives.

Becoming more efficient and less wasteful is a perfect way to start. When most people plan to have a large party there is normally a lot of wasted food because guest's normally bring something with them. But that food normally goes to waste, or is eaten by the host days later (which isn't such a good thing, but that's another story.) Why not direct that money towards things you know you need for your party. That way the effort your guest's put forth isn't a wasted one.

Your the only one who knows how many guest's your having. Plan out your meal accordingly and use potluckpro.com to post your menu online. Your guest's can choose item's from it and bring them to your party. It's time to start thinking smarter and living "smaller" by using today's technology's to help us preserve the resources we have to live a better life!

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